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Italian municipalities’ web service.


I wrote a simple WS to query the Italian municipalities dataset.


Find below details about the service (call’s syntax, parameters and Json response.



Request URL<parametri>


PostgreSQL                                DDL: sì DATI: sì

Json result (dencomune=Roma in the example)


dencomune = <municipalities name> (es.: dencomune = Roma)

codistat = <municipalitiy’s ISTAT code> (es.: codistat=015146)


region = <region’s name> (es.: regione=liguria)



  • Latitude and longitude data were downloaded via Google’s geocoding API.
  • Postal codes data were downloaded via Google’s geocoding API. In case of multiple postal codes for each municipality (es.: Milano, Roma ecc.) “PostalCode” field will contain one string with all the postal codes, hyphen separated for sequential, comma separated for “isolated” postal codes  (es.: <pc_from1>-<pc_to1>,pc2,pc_n …)

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