"that we would do we should do when we would" 

(William Shakespeare)

Giampaolo Erriquez


Teradata data load


‍Have you ever tried to load CSV data in Teradata tables? I mean: for huge files with more than a million of records we surely have to go the FastLoad way. But what about a file with a size between 300.000 and 1.500.000 records (obviously record length play its role too …) and we don’t want to write a FastLoad routine? Teradata SQLAssistant import feature surely could be a choice, though - as many of those who went this road will confirm - that’s now what we’d call the fastest route!

‍I’ve therefore decided to write a few C# lines to speed up the load of … “not so big files”.

‍You can find the source code here and you’ll need Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or higher to load the solution and compile an executable version. 

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