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Latest update: Feb 5th, 2020 

Italian municipalities web service

2019 Gen 26th

2020 Feb 04th

  • Improved service with bug fixing and new features:
    • fixed the json structure returned from service.
    • Added new parameters (for details see table below):
      • allnames
      • allnamesandcodes
      • codcatastodi

2020 Feb 10th

Request URL




  • Latitude and longitude data were downloaded via Google’s geocoding API.
  • Postal codes data were downloaded via Google’s geocoding API. In case of multiple postal codes for each municipality (es.: Milano, Roma ecc.) “PostalCode” field will contain one string with all the postal codes, hyphen separated for sequential p.codes, comma separated for “isolated” postal codes  (es.: <pc_from1>-<pc_to1>,pc2,pc_n …)

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